Author Topic: Driver for new SCSI card to run Imacon scanner [G4 AGP 450]  (Read 7105 times)

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Driver for new SCSI card to run Imacon scanner [G4 AGP 450]
« on: December 11, 2018, 06:02:01 AM »
Hello! Short story: stumbled on a Imacon Flextight Precision III scanner, and decided to get an old G4 to run the scanner instead of the costly and finicky Ratoc Fr1sx adapter. G4 is running OS 9.2, and I'm waiting on some RAM to arrive before I can run the scanner software. Scanner itself is good, was given to me by an old photographer friend who hasn't used it in years. Scanner powers up and visually seems fine.

I purchased an Adaptec 2906 SCSI card. A lot of hobbyists recommend the 2930 card for older Imacons, but the particular scanner I have has the SCSI-3 press type connector, not the SCSI-2 screw type connector that the 2930 card has. Plus all the reading I did online indicated that both 2906 and 2930 cards are supported by the Power Mac G4s, I even found a source saying that the 2930 driver would work for the 2906 card.

So, as someone who is not yet well versed in classic Apple machines, I can't figure out what driver type to download. I've seen lots of drivers out there, but I am mainly unsure what format of driver I need. I found a .hqx format driver, but the G4 did not recognize the filetype. Currently looking at a driver I got from here whose filename is "AdaptecSCSI2906.sea.bin" Is that the right type?

I'm super excited to get this scanner up and running. Have been shooting film for years, and recently was fortunate enough to get my dream camera. Now my goal is to get the dream scans!


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Re: Driver for new SCSI card to run Imacon scanner [G4 AGP 450]
« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2018, 04:15:03 AM »
The scanner has the 'big old' 50pin connector, which means it's a slow (data) transmission device.
Any of the usual Adaptec Mac compatible SCSI cards will work - just get the proper cable.
Your 2906 has a DB25 connector and the cable you need is the same as was used for external hard disk connection in the early days of Mac OS.

Those filename extensions aren't related to the driver, but identify which compression format was used to encode the file(s).
There's a general problem with downloads for classic Mac OS files: while you see only 1 file on your Mac's desktop in Finder, there are in fact 2 files on the disk (called data and resource fork in Mac jargon), which the Finder handles automatically as a single unit.
To preserve this package in online storage or on disks under a non-Mac OS, it has to be encoded into a single file. After transfer it's decoded back (on a Mac) into it's original form.

That's also the reason why double click with downloads mostly fails.
The respective information for the Finder is stored in the resource fork of the file - which doesn't exist in downloads. The MacOS doesn't care about name extensions.
In that case you drag and drop the downloaded file to the application supposed to open it.
See details here:,3172.msg20343.html#msg20343

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