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Scanner Software???


Nikon Super Coolscan 4000 ED, 35mm scanner is on its’ way and I was wondering
if anyone has experience with the (still) various available (yet also limited) scanner
software packages. Probably begin with Nikon’s Nikon Scan 4.0.1 (if the download
is successful and it installs properly). And then I’ll be looking at Hamrick’s VueScan
package and LaserSoft’s SilverFast 6.6 (pricey).

The 4000 ED is a firewire-based scanner and it may shuttle back and forth between
OS 9.2, OS 10.4 and possibly even 10.6 (and above) based Macs. (Mostly 10.4.6.)

And primarily, I’ll be scanning old Kodak Ektachrome transparencies and B&W negs.

Anybody have experience with VueScan or SilverFast?

PM me, if ya don’t want the resident DAW Cartel knowing...
that you’re a closet rasterbator. ;)

I've used SilverFast a lot in the past, no complaints. Was running an Epson V750. Nice software, clean operation. Best thing about SilverFast is that it gives film presets, which auto color-corrects based on the film you're scanning. The option can of course be turned off.

Looks like they have a demo page: Not sure how much functionality is in the demo though.

Thanks dankmelater. Got a nice note from Nikon this morning
informing me: “Please note Nikon Scan 4 supports Mac OS up
to 10.4, so we would recommend using other third party
software with our scanners.” 

Little did they know of the OS 9 & 10.4 penchant around here.
But, for those that may have similar inclination(s)…
they also provided the following:

Here are the links for the Nikon Scan download:

Nikon Scan version 4.0.0:

Nikon Scan update to version 4.0.2:

Things might just get a little busier ‘round here. Still intend to
explore VueScan and SilverFast comparisons.
(Very nice Imacon there, dankmelater.) :)


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