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Hi Everyone,

I recently bought an AmpliTube StompIO-1 on eBay, but it didn't come with any software. I was hoping I could find an older version that would run on OS 9 or an early version of OS X. I did find a link to an RTAS plugin on this site, but the link to download it was dead (it went to drive .com, or something like that). :(

Thank you in advance for any insight or guidance you can provide. (And thank you for hosting such an awesome site!)


That thing is way too new for OS-9 ;)
It's an audio interface and guitar/midi pedalboard and you can download the software from IK Multimedia's website. This software most likely checks for the presence of the StompIO as authorization. The device is said to be well integrated into IK Multimedia's apps like Amplitube, but it's operation doesn't depend on this software.


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