Author Topic: any new SCSI enclosures still being manufactured?  (Read 1092 times)


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any new SCSI enclosures still being manufactured?
« on: November 30, 2018, 05:37:01 AM »
just curious if anyone knows of any new SCSI enclosures being made still by any companies? (obviously no longer modern tech, but retro/vintage tech for use with older equipment)
just wondering if theres a company on the planet that produces any SCSI enclosures
it would be convenient to find a company that makes empty scsi enclosure external boxes
that will take IDE drives inside, and convert them to being SCSI externally that might be connected to samplers or old macs etc
with standard 3.5" drive size or 5.25" HH for optical drives?

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Re: any new SCSI enclosures still being manufactured?
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2018, 06:59:40 PM »
honestly these days i really think SCSI2SD solutions are the best way to go for old conversion jobs. especially the v6 model which lets you plug in via USB for file transfers, use all SCSI IDs simultaneously, and gives you a ton of configuration options. Ive been using them for a while now in a SCSI chain with my MDD and my old hardware samplers, and I'm going to pick one up for my mother's old Power Mac 6100 that she still uses as a print server. The drive in that thing sounds like a hair dryer almost at this point.
But probably a lot easier (and cheaper) to find than IDE-SCSI solutions. performance is a dream on the older systems even with SCSI-1 thanks to the higher IOPS of SD cards.
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