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Jack Nicklaus 4 Golf Sim
« on: September 02, 2018, 12:22:11 PM »
 One of my favorite macOS games, Jack Nicklaus for, was originally designed to run under system 7.5.3. Ive had it on various G3 machines, and even after the OS 9 update, it would still play. There were some QuickTime-related issues, as I recall, when running it in Classic mode, but it was still playable.
I have an 14 iBook G4 with 10.3 and 9.2.2 installed and I cannot get the game to run no matter what I try. I get a QuickTime error -120 when it first starts and as I recall, that was normal in Classic mode. But then it just locks up. Well, not entirely - you can select to start a game or practice, and it lets you select a golfer & course, but then it refuses to play. Any ideas?
I even tried the OS 9 generic installer (with modified ROM 10.2.1) and booted into 9 with it. But the screen being reduced to 640x480 prevented it from running. Any help appreciated.
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