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I was looking for the installer of Reason Adapted Version 2.5 that came with my Digi 002, i've got the product linked to my propellerhead account but it doesnt make me redownload it. Since i can't find a copy of the installer on the internet and i've lost the original cd, can anyone help me?

if you have the license for the product propellerheads should be able to help you get teh software cd
they might charge you postage tho

As soon as i come back to my workplace i can take a look as we have a Digi002 there but that won't happen until the 10th of September as I'm stil enjoying holidays.

Thank you guys. I'll contact propellerhead and let you know.
I will wait until you'll come back from your holiday. I really Need this cd

I've got an answer from Propellerhead, they no longer have Reason Adapted CD's. So the only way is to find a backup of an original CD


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