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Cloud Generator and Pulsar Generator

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Curtis Roads, who wrote some great books on electronic music, has a new website where he has shared his OS9 granular synthesis tools.  I heard him interviewed recently and he still keeps an OS9 machine in his studio to use this software, which I guess that makes him one of us.

You can download them here...

2 doep! I have played with both of these a fair amount back in the day, still have my original CDR of PG I bought from Dr Roads. Psyched to learn of the nuPG for SuperCollider 3.7+

whoah, that's pretty cool! gonna put these on the Oasys box....



that wasnt too hard to guess that PG has probably been taken over to SC3. ^^

i always took it as the only example where somebody has actually built a reusable piece of software in SC.

the GUI stuff for OS9 is rudimentray - but works.


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