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Drivers for RTMac?

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Hi all, it seems that the RTMac drivers are no longer publicly available. While Matrox still maintain the support pages on their website, with apparent links to downloads, the links are dead. I have scoured the web and used all known techniques known to man to find copies or a mirror the usual (and unusual) sources but to no avail. I have even emailed the Matrox webmaster, so the expected outcome of that is they will either take the pages down, delete the links, or restore them.

So, if anyone has either:

a) disc images of the original software, or
b) the files below available for download I'd greatly appreciate it.

I'm working on a video series on the Power Mac G4 (specifically the Mystic and DA models) and would like to film and edit on era-correct equipment. I'll be capturing via FireWire but I'd like to use my RTMac card with Premiere / FC to edit.

Thanks in advance.

Filenames in question:


I have an RTMac and the software. I have the original CD as well as the latest updates. Unfortunately, it is scattered among lots of different CDs. I can probably find most of it this weekend. I'll post back soon.

That would be incredible, thank you! No rush and good to know there are places like this to get in touch with other hoarders obsessives people trying to preserve our digital history.

Here you go, this is what I've got:


--- Quote from: Metrophage on August 25, 2018, 06:58:18 PM ---Here you go, this is what I've got:

--- End quote ---

Amazing. I have a go at getting it up and running and I'll also upload any software I've got that's not on the repository!



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