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Barcode creation (ISBN)


I need to create some barcodes - especially ISBN 13 - and would like to know if somebody of you has experiances? All the professional stuff seems to be abandonware and not really availaible anymore. Like "Barcode Pro" or "Barcode Producer". I found a "Barcode Automator" 3.x version on the net, but would need a 2.1 to be able to use it.

I somehow remember that there have been some Sharewareproducts in the past, but I couldn

hey mat .
i hope u dont take my comments in the other thread as rude, im not trying to tell u to leave the site or anything when i said that u would be better off using macintoshgarden -- its just that i think u would find more people who have similar interests in your software interests...
the site is a pain in the ass tho with whatever god awful msg board software they use!! so i can understand why ud want this place to be more broad -centered


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