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Korg Oasys PCI and Synthkit

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Hi All,

I've found a korg Oasys PCI card for cheap and I'm keen to get it installed in my Beige G3.

Software wise I want to get my hands on the Synthkit and the Oasys v.2.0 and v.2.0.1 updates.

The v.2.0.2 update is available on the Korg website but it requires the 2.0 and 2.0.1 updates already be installed.

AFAIK, the Synthkit was never widely available but some people had copies since they released new plugins.


i too would love to get a copy of synthkit...

but also i need to troubleshoot my oasys as its been giving me a ton of errors lately :(

For the record this is an incredible setup/card. I use mine regularly (it's a bit of a secret weapon! shhhh!)

I can almost certainly scare up Oasys PCI software something-something within a week or so, I'll keep you posted.


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