Author Topic: maybe we need a plugin sh*t list  (Read 1771 times)

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maybe we need a plugin sh*t list
« on: June 20, 2018, 01:03:03 PM »
to save some users the time in installing plugins that fall short of expectations
and are deemed a "Waste of time" to most people
i know there are more than a few lemons due to the fact that VST tech wasnt really up to the level that it is at nowadays and was still very much "a work in progress" for some companies

 some people might not have the insight on which ones are dissappointing at best

i think it might be helpful to warn a few users to stay away from pitfalls that might tie them up and make them discouraged as we have seen some users get frustrated and sell of their g4 macs! probably due to frustrations revolving around crappy software + bugs