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no idea what the piston does, but using 3 sources instead of 2 usually only requires to add some weighting to the process. (such as * 0.66,  in best case)

you said your trget is fixed (your friends hardware module?) so iŽd suggest not to try to recreate something else, but create content specifically for this application.

if you feed PPG wave content to a korg wavestation ROM or the other way round, it will no longer sound the same anyway :D so you can as well create samples on your own, avoid depth and length conversion and choose a generation method which fits to the synthesis engine.

actually i would do something like this only in enviroments such as MSP or kyma, using aanalog synths or complex filters or factory ccontent of  third party and stuff like that is useless for most applications.

and btw, morphing cyclic waveforms is in my opinion another field than morphing arbitrary audio material (drumloop/thunderstorm/glass bells). since overall it is easier (dont need to care about transients...) you can concentrate more on the details (oversampling, distribution (across the wavetable), bandlimiting...)

ah, the piston is 3d.


haha, but it is impossible to tell what that does.

not attempting replication Piston Honda or E370...
was merely researching those manuals
took so long yet have wave "index" modulating partials
sort of suspect piston and e370 are using wavetable DCO chips
(sort of like like for instance Electric Druids's VCDO)
then merely doing VCA X Mix Between chips
his DCVO was originally "Open Source" at one time for modifying/burning code on chips
could be completely wrong
yet merely saying some methods that popped in my head for prototyping hardware module
yet that is wavetable of 16 & 8 subs @ 8bit
prototyping in software so actually have good grasp of wave morphing
Bjorked up recently batches of waves in AudioTerm
because forgot step of re-synthesis with root pitch
anyways guess need going back for doing that
actually have been using PPG waves for source mutating
didn't realize what they were anymore because not marked accordingly
the morphing engine is working in transwave style/index modulation & X mix between wave banks plus modulating sample banks


--- Quote ---because forgot step of re-synthesis with root pitch
--- End quote ---

that is what always made me wonder about the rudimentary "resynthesis" in PPG 2.2 / PPG 2.3 /Wave/ Microwave ... the longer the waves in the wavetables are, the better the quality, but the more shitty the possibility to shift the modulation (from wave 1 to wave 64) as needed when playing notes other than middle C. :)


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