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IN Control v3.5 - recommended!


I have been using IN Control v3.5 as a PIM/todo list/outliner and really like it!

What is pretty powerful is the ability to have a combined task/todo list with an outliner.  This outline mode ALSO has the ability to add custom fields (which can be set as a popup-list) which appear alongside each list item.

So for instance, the usual todolist has "Description" "Start" "End" and "Priority" across the top as heading.  The outliner view is under Description, which works well, you can collapse / expand headings to have more or less detail, etc.

However I added a "Loc-At" field after Priority to cover the Location I would be at, when I need to do this task.  For instance, "Meeting", "Computer", "USPS", "Car", "Travel" etc.  Now I can sort on all these different fields so that for instance, when I am at my "Computer" I can choose to see only those tasks.

There are a lot of other samples that show more linking etc. in the installed files; as well, the Outliner mode itself is quite powerful, even if you don't use the rest of the time mgmt stuff.


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