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Original DigiDesign SampleCell 8mb Nubus Card

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Sample Cell 1 is in 7100 nubus slot...
can take some pictures when get extra time if making the request
no clue if the ram in it is "correct"
have big static bag filled of that style ram for samples and such
yet it's not recognizing most likely because lack anything near the DAE/init
suspect need extensions
have that box running 2.95 with 442 rack/PT3.2 SDII Peak
sound accelerator II nubus card doesn't get seen either by OS
couldn't find any drivers and only found sample cell v2 editor
those nubus digidesign cards were used in IIfx
counting myself fortunate that my old 442 is functional anymore

sample cell 1 pictures:

those are from an old ebay auction....
if want better
can pull the card out for taking picture when have extra time
it's not recognizing anyways

nice pictures  8)
there are likely not too many users of this card, so you may at least partly answer your question by one of the Nubus tools that check the bus for devices.
If it shows up there, a driver missing is most likely.
In case it doesn't appear in the list, 2 possibilities apply - not compatible at all or one of the custom chips failed. In those days PALs (programmable array logic) were common elements and often a source of trouble. Big trouble if the company was out of business...

You probably know the power-cycle trick (which guarantees instant wizzard status by customers who called you for support):
shut down the machine and unplug the powercable. Now switch on/off a couple of times.
Wait a moment to increase drama. Replug the cable and boot...  ;D
This frequently cures the most bizarre errors, because it also discharges the capacitors (which may buffer erroneous states) by the dummy on/off procedure.
Fingers crossed...

awesome! thanks so much warlock!
very professional photos!

Eye need the fore mentioned Nubus Tools for inspecting if it is even showing up in card slot!

SampleCell Uses 30 pin SIMM1 @ 80nS or faster 0Mb stock 8 SIMM sockets Can be expanded to 8Mb via eight SIMM1 SIMM chips must be installed in pairs.


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