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Original DigiDesign SampleCell 8mb Nubus Card

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Searching for the Editor & Drivers for the Original SampleCell
Recently rebuilt my ancient 7100 broadcast box with Protols 442 & Radius VideoVision Telecast
have Digidesign Samplecell & AudioAcceleratorII in the orginal digi box
SampleCell is not recognizing with SampleCell Editor v2.0+
says cycle power to search for card
having some issue with TurboSynth 2.0 not playing back
also having some problem with cubase/score/vst freezing on splash screen
could be issue from slapping G3 upgrade card in 7100 before it went into cold storage for ages
upon starting this little "project" realized this old Mac Fucking rules with vintage samplers versus modern options
seems like my little nostalgia adventure is way more than fleeting interest
going through the control panels/extensions shuffle for days
any help is appreciated

Ancient Hotline Server Veteran
have backups of studio warez archived from way back in the day
been digging through all of them recently playing Herbert West Re-Animator with the 7100

and you forgot to mention youre from australia but i can tell because the missing commas. :)

seriously, if you havent used this machine for many years, it is best you reinstall the OS, third party drivers, and software because otherwise you simply dont know where you are.

spent so much time on that "ancient" Protools 7100 machine
plus the 040 Quadra 950 used for Protools before that
& the SE30 used for sequencing Synths&Samplers before that
didn't take long for remembering
well aware of where eye am with that machine now
rebuilt 3 scsi drives with OS already
pulled apart my old 10k rpm barracuda media raid
also have my working emergency EZ drive OS
not from OZ m8
telegraph style for sake of rapidity
not here for writing thesis PHD paper
well comprehend MLA  "English" comp rules :P
my real question is:
will the original SampleCell 8mb nubus even operate on 7100 PowerPC/G3?
Dankes furs Antwort(response)


i have samplecell working in a 840av but cannot get my audio Accelerator card to could be that the 840av is at nubus 90 and the accelerator needs to run  at the earlier speed but i'm sure i have a later revision of Accelerator card.

Have you managed to get them to work on the 7100?


if anyone has any good photos of the nubus card id love to get one
i think the other images online are very lowres + crap
i still want to get a nubus mac someday
i should just get a 7100 or 8100 and be done with it
the FX machines always cost $$$


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