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Anyone have iDVD version 1?

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sorry - looks like i read the bold text out of context, should slow down instead of speed reading!

also; this post from april 2017 claims that iLife was made FREEWARE at that time

just because the file ends with ".smi.bin" doesnt automatically mean it works with os9
alot of early osx stuff will have that filename extension aswell

its just another variant of the "apple disk image" formats
(ie: .img files are the same as .smi files, or rather .smi is a self mounting .img file)

smi means self mounting image
bin means macbinary encoded

alot of "early osx" stuff will be in that format aswell, having predated the switch to .dmg
you can refer back to an earlier post made by myself here:
where i was trying to make the reccomendation of using .img + .smi
because its possible, using .img/.smi to create a file that works and is perfectly self-extractable on both osx + os9

this was where my head was at.. which eventually led me to discover + acquired a copy of the "developer only" ASR software  (thanks to mike bombich, programmer of carbon copy cloner) that enabled diehard to create the "diehard instant daw"  at the time i was very excited to be able to provide that ability to this macos9lives community, even tho i was dealing with alot of bullshit attitude from many of its members from idiots like protoolsle5guy whom wouldnt have been an admin if i hadnt of reccommended that he be, based entirelty on his enthusiasm and not his (lacking) intelligence + maturity

Jerry I cannot ban this prick.

Are you going to let him Insult me?

MacOS9Lives! is bleeding with this kind of users.

someone paypal him some cash so he can buy some tissues  :'(


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