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What to do whit AVID Blue Ice

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There is an AVID Blue Ice coming into my direction.

Could not find much information about that card. Only that is is for Video Rendering Full HD and from 1998. So OS8/OS9 time frame. I also have an Miro DC30 somewhere here. Maybe I make a nice High End Video Editing Computer Vintage Edition.

But what can i do whit the AVID Blue Ice? What software do I need? And how about the driver? Will it run on OSX?

Well here is a picture of the card.

i dont know much about it except that it can accelerate after effects effects besides avid effects (which would be my only interest.) dont be surprised when it does not work in a G4...

I believe its a media 100 accelerator, it can speed up certain effects but not everything.  So without these special versions of the plugins you won't see much really.

yeah the plug-.ins should bee coming with it or its useless. i believe the supprt for afx, media100 and AE was accompanied by ownership changements, after OS9 times the card went to dicreet - no idea what they added :)

So technically I can't do much whit it?


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