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Where did the window go?


Newbie on OS 9 needs help.
I have been playing with OS 9.2.2 for about 2 weeks.
I know enough to be lethal.
I comprehend  the minimize and maximize windows thing where it leaves a ribbon near the top of the screen.  But sometimes I do something that makes Classilla just out and out disappear. The Finder up in the right hand corner says it is open but I can not find it anywhere, or what key command brings it back to viewable.

I keep having to close Classilla, then relaunch.  Not sure if it is clear what I am describing.
I am sure there is some simple command that I am just too ignorant to know. 

Also, is there a great website that teaches OS 9 basics or is it best to just get an OS 9 for Dummies book off of Amazon?

Thank you all.

Mark in Tucson, AZ

Command (Apple symbol Key) and TAB will cycle thru all currently opened Applications

Yea  :D
Thank you!!!
I will try that the next time I inadvertently "minimize" Classilla and can not find it.

   Make sure Classilla is selected in finder
 click on file, then mouse over New, then click Navigator Window.
 or use keyboard shortcut: (Comand  N).
 Comand, is the key next to the space bar on my Computer  ( no Apple symbol on my keyboard ).
 Clicking Window then Navigator also works

 Closing the window also clears the nav list, use History to get back.
 Hope this helps



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