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Apple Displays & Mac-mini Alternative PSUs?

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Research concerning Apple Cinema Display's power supply,
where previously I had “taped” the two middle connectors in the
oval-shaped power supply connector… I discovered inexpensive
“Power Supply” alternative(s) and now wonder about possible
related PS “fixes” for those Mac-minis (without power supply)
that some may have around as well?

More info from these YouTube videos via these links:

*I’ve not checked voltage requirements for the mini’s, yet.

Related images:

i could be wrong but i think the plug which goes into the mini is apple-only. so you´d neeed at least a broken apple PSU to be able to build yourself a custom one.

i´d also like to point out that you can always use a 110 watts supply with the G4, too. they are more frequent to find.

I thought along the same lines IIO. Yet, if you cut the power end off of the Cinema Display you’ll find that there’s only two wires within that oval-shaped, proprietary Apple connector that plugs into that Apple “power-brick”. AND, given that you wouldn’t even be considering this alternative if your monitor was functioning properly with the Apple-made power supply… well, there’s no need for an Apple connector if you’re wiring those two wires (plus and minus voltages) directly to the new DC voltage PSU for the monitor, after you’ve cut that end off and exposed those two wires.. (Think the voltage requirement to the monitor out of the PSU is 24.5 VDC / 65-90-150 Watts... up to the later Cinema HD models.)

Now, the A1103 G4 Mini’s are a bit different, as they need 18.5 Volts and pull 4.5 Amps. The second alternative PSU pictured, does have an onboard “potentiometer” where you can adjust the voltage output to suit your needs, which might allow you to “dial-it-back” to 18.5 Volts output for the Mini. AND, if you’ve already cut the end off of a Cinema Display power cord… you could possibly wire that to another alternate source to provide power to the Mini. This of course depends upon whether or not Apple’s (10 connector-pins-inside) oval-shaped plug only carries the voltage of two wires delivering a 18.5 Volts.

I don’t know if the smaller, less-expensive power supply pictured has an adjustable voltage ouput option. But, I may purchase one of those first… even some of the Apple laptop “brick” PSUs can supposedly be used for the Cinema Display monitors.

As for the Mini… I’d even consider “wiring around” the normal oval-shaped power plug input, inside of the Mini… if it does not prove to be more than a single, two-wire-in/out power delivery system. Again, any cut-off oval connector(s) from Cinema Displays could possibly be used.

Originally, looking at that oval plug from the diplays with those ten, tiny pin-contacts inside, certainly led me to believe that there was indeed more “going-on” that just two wires coming in. Guess someone had to simply cut one off, first?

i wouldnt like to invest 2 hours of work in order to save 5 dollars.

but otoh, when i think about it, this is about what i am currently doing with my weird blueray "project" atm :P

and building a custom mini PSU might have the advantage that you can put 8 of those in a 19" rack case and include power switches. the cables and the PSU of the older minis take as much space on the desk as the computer itself, and that makes the use of rigs of more than 4 minis a bit annoying.

If “someone” could cut, strip and then screw the wires from a standard power cord and a Cinema Display power cord (keeping that oval-connector for possible Mac-mini use later) to a new 24.5 VDC power supply in say, less than half-an-hour… for less than the cost of a used Cinema Display power brick (which are now difficult to find), well then…

And… maybe… a single 24.5 VDC power supply could power a dual, or even triple Cinema Display monitor arrangement? Theoretically, the MENZO 24 Volt, 15 Amp DC power supply might be capable of powering the two or three Apple Cinema Display multi-monitor setup, as it has positive and negative screw lugs enough for three 24 volt connections?

*Eroni De Olivera notes that “his” MENZO PSU is rated at 5Amps output (estimated @ about 120Watts) while the Amazon notation (pictured in first post here) on that MENZO PSU notes 360Watts total ouput. Check Eroni’s Ebay LED Power Supply links on this page:

Do check the above referenced page for more information and Drew Reece’s “pixelchimp” site:

Also, considering the possibility of another separate 18.5 VDC rated power supply to power multiple Mac-minis in a (similar multi-mini) rack-mount system… possibly reducing the number of Apple power bricks necessary for such a setup?

Yet, for the possibly sensitive DAW-based applications… maybe the TeraDak 18.5V / 10A MAC MINI dedicated linear power DC-200W Linear Power Supply would be more appropriate, while just a little bit more expensive? ;)


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