Author Topic: Mac OS 9.2.2 For Mac mini G4 Only (Previously Unsupported G4) - Bootable ISO  (Read 118 times)


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Mac OS 9.2.2 For Mac mini G4 Only (Previously Unsupported G4) - Bootable ISO
Contains Modified ROM & Hacked Video drivers, No Crazy OF Commands to type, Just Boot and Install !

NOTE: Three years in the making, this install is intended for Mac mini G4s only (1.25, 1.33, 1.42, 1.5 Ghz.)
If your Mac supports native booting to Mac OS 9 then use this Install:,2109.0.html

Download Password: os94ever

Special Thanks (in alphabetical order): to Daniel, darthnVader, ELN, Mactron, MacOS Plus, nanopico, RossDarker, and all Others who made this possible

Read about the development here...,2408.0.html

No Need to Install OS X !
No DMG or other image files Needed !
No Need for any Additional Updates or Patches !
No Need to Type Open Firmware Commands

ISO Build Notes (from RossDarker): These notes and more are mentioned in the "About CD Extras & Read Me" which is present in the CD Extras folder.
1) The ROM used in the Mac mini ISO a modified 9.6.1 version with ELN's modifications and MacTron's custom Happy Mac icon when you boot up.

2) The CD comes bundled with a CD Extras folder (in the root folder of the CD), that contains the Bugdom Demo, Bugdom 1.2.1 Update if you have a purchased and older version, USB Overdrive installer, Classilla 9.3.3.

3) The "Multiprocessing" folder has been removed from the System Folder to prevent the mini from freezing in a sleep state and not waking up if power management is being used. Manually adding this folder and it's contents back to your Extensions folder will make the fans of the Mac mini function better (quieter and cooler), but we recommend the safer configuration that supports sleep.

4) USB Overdrive is to be installed from when you have restored the system and you are booted off a hard drive. Bugdom and Classilla should not be played from the CD, and copied to the "Applications (Mac OS 9)" folder.

5) When booting the CD "Drive Setup" & the "Read me" file automatically open.

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Instructions: Most of our files have been encoded with MacBinary format (.bin) so that the data and the resource fork of the file will not be damaged when storing the file on a non-Macintosh file system. After downloading, if the file does not automatically decode by double-clicking, we recommend opening StuffIt Expander and Selecting "File" and "Open" to decode the downloaded file. StuffIt Expander is included in every Mac OS 9 installation. Additionally, once the StuffIt Expander app is open, check EDIT > PREFERENCES > INTERNET and "use stuffit expander for all available types"

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