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Mac OS 9 booting on: eMac G4 1.25 Ghz. (Detailed Posts)

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The second last post with concrete steps helped a little bit, but I have same issue here with Powerbook G4:,6554.0.html

Now after deleting Multiprocessor extension, it does boot. But resolution is low even after applying and overwriting ATI,Merlin.sit archive.

Messing up with Mac Boot ROM was not a good idea because it is not compatible with Powerbook G4.

Why there are scattered instructions across the forum and original unsupported G4 ISO is not being updated? Imagine me, even a software developer with Linux experience, but still a newcomer in Mac world comes here and now it is 4th day trying to battle with Mac OS. Not good experience. I think I will try something like 10.2 Jaguar, where double buffering issue does not exist. But I have read that it might not install and I might need to install it in emulator, update to 10.2.8 and then transfer that drive image. G4 is slow for OS X and current work, but also not good enough to run older apps. I should buy G3.

It's working now, thanks! But I have privileges problems, my OS9 games are on the OS X partition, I can't move or delete them from OS9.

For me this 10.2.7 Jaguar from eMac G4 DVD works on Powerbook G4 as well. Only Classic environment will not install due to installation popup about compatibility check. But I solved it by getting VintageJaguar.dmg from the forums and use that as a Classic environment. Now everything works. But it will be never fast as native PowerMac G3 or older machine (just bought one and 3d games with software renderer are even faster)

Hello! I'm getting the file "2018-04-08 normal mini with happymactron.hqx" while trying to download the custom Rom on the top of this page, is this correct?


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