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Mac OS 9 booting on: eMac G4 1.25 Ghz. (Detailed Posts)

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The eMac 1.25 and 1.42 can't officially boot into Mac Os 9. Unless an unofficial custom ROM is used:;topic=2408.0;attach=5090
Furthermore, to allow full video support and video acceleration we need a mod video drivers:;topic=4322.0;attach=5025

This was only tested in the 1.25 model but probably all of this works in to the 1.42 one too. Except video acceleration. The eMac 1.25 video is based on a Radeon 9200, but 1.42 is based on a Radeon 9600 wich havent Mac Os 9 support at this moment.

Everything works OK, but Apple DVD player and System deep sleep.

The display and system sleeps works, but when the System (the CPU) goes to sleep the computer can't wake up. To avoid this, the upper bar in Energy Saver should set to never:

But when you select "Sleep" from the Special menu, the issue persist, the CPU is forced to sleep and the computer can't wake up.
If we replace the Energy Saver control panel by Sleeper, this issue disappear:

Another issue is the startup freezing mouse, It occurs on 1/10 startups, the only solution know by now is to restart the eMac pressing the On/Off button.

The eMac 1.25 performs surprisingly well compared to a single 1.25 MDD:


How do I install the ROM?

Stick it in the system folder you want to use. It replaces the Mac OS ROM file already there.

Ok, I put it into the "System Folder" but its not showing up when I  hold option at power up. I put "tbxi-enabler" in the Mac OS 9 System Folder. I have 1 partition with Mac OS Tiger installed.

-eMac USB 2.0 1.25GHz 1.5GB DDR SDRAM


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