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MOTU Unisyn 2.1.0 installer CD image available (for OSX only)

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Dear Friends

It tooks about two months, but finally succesfully get the ultra-rare Unisyn 2.1 installer.
I do not have a real power pc hardware yet, but installed on a QEMU emulated OSX 10.4 (under Win7).
If you are interested in, please PM me!
I also look forward to "MOTU SDK for Unisysn" to create new devices (for Lexicon PCM80 in my case), please, if you have any info about that SDK, share with us! :)

Best wishes: Csabi

great post mickeyratt  8)

this type of patch/librarian software is always of utmost importance to creatives struggling in the ongoing neverending fight against technology!

im hoping you can get the type of response you should get
but sadly i notice that alot of audio related posts on this site tend to be largely ignored by the most "Regular" visiters of this site.. who are more interested in just geeking out abotu macs... alot of people just want to chat and joke + amuse themselves by measuring dicks +online, whereas some of us are "on a mission" to realize our creativity! i just hope that more of us "on a mission" types can work together enough to push things forward for everyone

you are running OSX on windows 7?
i definately got to check out this QEMU stuff
ive not much experience with VMS or virtualiazation or any of that stuff


see i didnt even know your post got moved (away from where anyone would go to look for unisyn stuff)
BANISHED to "Sit in the corner"

you are free to inquire further on my site if u dont get any responses here!
now that your post was sent to the corner

i had posted about the MOTU SDK just a few weeks/months ago
the only people that are going to have it are people that worked for existing companies from 1998-2004 time period - its a tough mission to track down - it really is disssappointing that these people who have these things dont have the instinct to make these things publicly available

Thank You macStuff for reply.

That was my first post, and i am new here. I did't know, that OSX stuff is "persona non grata" here. :)
Yes, later QEMU versions are capable to run even os9 :)
On windows, the setup is very easy, but miss some very important features, for example: the USB passthrough which is a must if you want to use any real USB audio hardware. (including MIDI adapters)
Since Unisyn is only for MIDI, its needs of resources are low, so can be run well in emulated environment.

It is sad, to hear, that the SDK is also rare. AFAIK, MOTU is not making money of Unisyn anymore, so that would be a logical and wise decision to open this stuff to public :)

Thank You!

All PowerPC Mac OS X stuff Audio Related is welcome to this subforum.

mickeyratt you are welcome !

Only persona non-grata here is Chris777/Nova777/Geforce4/Macstuff.

I wont allow more direct-publicity to your site that is in your signature.

Stop stealing users from MacOS9Lives! at once.

Stop revamping your old post.

We are not measuring our dicks. We already know we have the biggest.


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