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Mac Mini G4 pixel clock limited to 135Mhz

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thats what i wrote in a german forum one hour ago. as an OS9 machine, the mini ranges in the area of the quicksilver 2003 machines. it is 4 times faster than a cube - which costs like 10 times more.

Your Panasonic SV-3700 must be great for listening to DAT.

For getting the tapes onto a hard drive, I much prefer a Sony SDT-9000 which came in SCSI only (no IDE). This will read the tapes to your hard drive at less than half the "real time" of optical. I've tried it with a Ratoc SCSI to FW converter, and that does work with a Mac mini, but I much prefer a SCSI PCI card in a Mac Pro.

DATXtract reads audio DAT in OS X. Not sure if there ever was software for OS 9.

Lots of additional links here, but some no longer seem to work:

Once I transfered an hour tape in about 25 mins, I never went back to optical.


--- Quote from: DieHard on April 01, 2018, 06:18:31 PM ---My first full day with the Mini was like running a "cloud-based" Mac OS 9, silent, very perky, and I forgot where the actual unit was.  I am so psyched becuase the Mini is a total POS under X, I used to give them to people for their young kids to play with, I laughed at them, I am NOT laughing now, this baby was made for OS 9... who knew

--- End quote ---

true. very true.
steve jobs is rolling in his grave.

We should do a youtube video of OS 9 holding a funeral for Steve Jobs ;D

hopefully you guys manage to fix the audio line out control issue, because with only 1 firewire and 1 usb port these machines are difficult use even as additional host computer (aka "standalone synth") because it would be overkill to add proper audio and midi interfaces IMO.


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