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older Browsers for older OSX Hackintosh (2007?)

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just built a hackintosh w/ 10.5.7
and im having trouble finding the browsers that work on Leopard! (lol)

does anyone know of any sites that have old versions of google Chrome Browser that will run on leopard?
i think what happened is google made that site stop letting people download old browser versions
and now i cant find a download.

According to Wikipedia, Chrome for OSX was released in 2009 and ran on 10.9 Intel.
That's pretty much how I remember it.
I suppose you could (maybe) get it to run on 10.5 Intel.
Question is, why? The consensus at the time was that it sucked on Mavericks - how would you expect it to be tolerable on Leopard?

the google chrome browser was out far before 10.9 (which is Mavericks?)
snow leopard was released in late 2009... ie therefore at that time there was still alot of people using the older 10.5.x Leopard which was still recieving updates.

anyway; regardless;

it seems that browsers compatible with leopard are falling through the cracks  right about now

i was hoping for a download source site, similar in type to say:

I used Chrome on 10.6, so it was available before 10.9.

You can find the most recent version of Chrome for 10.5 here:
Otherwise run FireFox 16 (native), TenFourFox or Leopard Webkit (through Rosetta).

this page wasnt working before when i posted..
but now it is..


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