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Anybody have Microsoft Office 2001 install disc?

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--- Quote from: Dane D. on March 03, 2014, 06:47:29 PM ---.  .  .  I am Microsoft-free, have been for years at least 10  .  .  .

--- End quote ---

My sign shop in the big bad rotten Apple was declared a Microsoft free zone somewhere between Win3.0 and Win95. MSWorks for DOS was great, especially on my PB100 under SoftPC before the ClarisWorks release. Even after that, I missed the rodent free command key structure. the System 6-7 UI was badly hampered by the guidelines prohibiting such for things as simple as Save As, IMO. Alt-F-A is still more convenient/quicker than Command/Shift/S.

It was also an Helvetica free zone, which got a reaction from every DTP jockey I ever met.

On a more serious, on topic note: was the UI for Office in the OS9 age as horribly cluttered as it is today? I recently had to activate the somnolent beast on my dedicated, ostracized WWWworkstation just to use an Excel file. I don't understand how a spreadsheet could possibly need that much crud up there? Maybe I need 2001 as well, especially if I could do a monolithic install of Excel.

n00b here: are tangential questions and commentary like mine OK or bad form over here?

heres a good shot for u... os 9 running inside of microsoft windows :D haha running microsoft software... its like a microsoft oreo cookie :D (the mac is the cream)

EWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o

Looks more like finding a gem in a blivit.

I have not downloaded this but I believe this is the entire program.


that definately looks familiar! from the good old days:)


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