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Anybody have Microsoft Office 2001 install disc?

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Hey Guys:  I am looking for a Template from M.S. Office 2001 called Monthly Planner
It is in the Templates folder at  Templates > Planners > To Do Lists > Monthly Planner

Most folks never install the extras, but if one of you has the Disk still, would love to locate this file.

Thanks so much!!!

I'll look for what you need on my disc when i get home. If it's there, i'll make an archive of it and put it here.

Do you still need it? Attached. stuffit expander used to compress

Dane D.:
Can I ask why, (I am Microsoft-free, have been for years at least 10) people still use their crap.

i used to have an original office 2001 cd package it remember it came in a plastic clamshell with the yellow logo on it
custom package container thing..


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