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450 MHz G3 Fun



Well, went to install my OS 9.2.2 CD on an old 450 MHz G3 iMac that was running OS X 10.4. Pretty much nothing went right.

OS 9 would not install as it did not see the Hardrive. 

Found out I had to "mount" the hard drive for some reason, which completely removed my OS X that was on there.

Finally got OS 9 to install!

Did not like having JUST OS 9 on the computer so i am CarbonCopyCloning from my G4 with dualboot OS X and OS 9.
Will see what this produces.

My these old disk drives are slow.....

Humm, I wonder if OWC has SSDs for 3Gs     8)

Well, the cloning from a G4 AGP to a iMac G3 went well, sort of. All the programs and systems folders transferred. Not sure why but the program's preferences did not transfer. OS 9 booted up  with completely different wallpaper and Classilla booted fine but came up likes a fresh down load with none of my bookmarks or customizations.

Must be my imagination but I can not tell a lick of difference in responsiveness between this 450MHz G3 iMac and the 400MHz G4.

G3 here is even a lil short on memory @ 512MB.

Sounds like good fun. With regards to the drive, if you are running standard put a faster rpm ATA drive in, standard they are only 4400.


--- Quote from: K7MAP on August 31, 2013, 10:52:23 PM ---My these old disk drives are slow.....

Humm, I wonder if OWC has SSDs for 3Gs     8)

--- End quote ---

I know  a guy that can sell you a pci based sata2 card that will let u run a modern 500gb sata drive in that puppy..
he charges around 35$ for the card + shipping and is based in oregon
he reprograms the rom chip to make it os9/osx compatible equivelent to a seritek 1s2 or sonnet tempo card

combine that with the cost of the drive.. u can get a 500gb drive for what.. 50$ now? or u could even buy a cheap ssd
and use that aswell! and it would be the fastest disk access possible for the machine..


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