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8ch adat slaves

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Aphex Model 141

ok this is only one way.. digital to analog
so really it doesnt belong in this list ;D

another to add:
probably very rare, never seen it listed anywhere.
the midiman pipeline 8x8


behringer fca1616 has same midas mic pres as the ada8200 i think.. minus the xlr connections..
+ is firewire/usb compatible with modern os... and works as a converter in standalone mode to send its analog ins + outs over adat i/o


looks like the yamaha i88x will support adat

looks like it a rack mount version of the 01x

--- Quote ---Yamaha have now introduced the mLAN-friendly i88X, a unit that contains much of the I/O functionality of the 01X, but minus the mixer/control surface elements (in much the same way that Digidesign introduced the Digi 002 Rack based upon the Digi 002). Housed in a 1U rack, the i88X boast an eight-in/eight-out analogue format with two high-quality mic preamps based upon those found in the top-of-the-range DM2000 mixer, plus optical and co-axial digital I/O, direct monitoring, MIDI I/O and, of course, mLAN connectivity. The eight channels of analogue I/O are available simultaneously with eight ADAT channels and stereo S/PDIF, offering a total of 18 channels of I/O at 44.1 and 48 kHz; at 88.2 and 96 kHz, the ADAT connection is multiplexed to offer four channels.
--- End quote ---

not sure if we posted this one (ptleguy or myself)
but this one was introduced to completement the presonus firestudio (which i believe can also act as a adat 8ch converter in standalone, but i may be wrong)

when i first looked at the preonus firestudio 2626 i thought it was the perfect solution..
but then i found out it was discontinued just like everything good .. they make it for 6months and stop making it.. who knows why

this one really is great tho because it has inserts on each channel.. aswell as 8 ins + 8 outs analog.. really alot more to offer here then most competing products

just dont mistake these for the "Firestudio project" as those models have way less features. and are only meant to be stacked via firewire, as they have no ADAT lightpipe at all.


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