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8ch adat slaves

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check this out someone actually modified a layla to be an adat expansion for an RME card!wow thats alot of work

i was trying to think what the most modern setup gear wise on mac os 9 could be
and i got to thinking it would involve
one of these:

+ 3 new'ish adat mic pre unit i/os clocked off the RME via BNC
heck even just one, would give u updated quality sound of 2014 in mac os 9

octopre dynamic would do the job nicely;)

couldnt PTLE5guy get similar results by feeding the saffire 56 into the adat in's on the DIGI 001?
i suppose the difference is word clock.. support.. the digi must beable to clock via adat /spdif tho..

the other ultimate mac os set up would be the digi 002 + Adat slave unit

ok i see now that the original
Focusrite OctoPre
was very similar to the onyx 800r
i like that feature of the db25 analog breakout i/o
makes it pretty versatile in its use!!!!

are there any other units that have that feature?? i guess not listed here!

looks like theres a new version of the ADA8000 already

its lookin mighty fine;)


one that i missed (i think)
the m-audio octane


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