Author Topic: Geforce 2 cards - more compatible? dual monitor (VGA/DVI) + supported 2D Accell  (Read 934 times)

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theres alot of geforce 2 cards out there
different models i mean - by PC manufacturers

it was remarked on the macelite wiki that there was a geforce2 card that "worked out of the box"
with no flash required..
is this working in os9 aswell? im going to guess yes? being that its a geforce 2?

i vaguely remember a good experience using Geforce 2 for Windows 98 back in the day
(When windows 98SE was still being used for top audio production)

is it a general rule that the gf2 cards are easier to get working in a mac ?
and that alot of NV11 powered gpus can work without a rom flash?

its obvious these cards are not the "best of the best" but soemtimes graphics performance doesnt matter so much
as the basic 2D Accelleration + hardware compatibility of being able to connect two non-ADC displays without the need
for an adapter (which would move this card into my "quick list" along with the radeon 7500/8500 as proper 2d supported cards that are somewhat readily available + allow for 1 DVI + 1 VGA displays connected
these are being blown out on ebay for $7 dollars! too bad they arent PCI

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From what I remember only some GF2 cards were Dual View, meaning they had two independent RAMDAC's, and thus could drive two independent  displays.

Also, the Boot ROM update for the Power Mac G4 had an FCode ROM for the Geforce 2 MX 400( Device ID 10de,0110 ) NV10.

But a lot of PC cards didn't have as high of clock rates, so unflashed PC cards would show artifacts from too high a GPU/VRAM clock.

NV11 cards can be made to work, just need to edit the device id, and all the clocks and timings.

I don't know if NV11 is supported by OS 9 drivers, never tested it.