Author Topic: RME DIGI PCI 96 Series Drivers v1.6 (Sound Manager & ASIO 2)  (Read 4239 times)


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RME DIGI PCI 96 Series Drivers v1.6 (Sound Manager & ASIO 2)
« on: February 18, 2018, 02:49:08 PM »
RME DIGI PCI 96 Series Drivers v1.6 (Sound Manager & ASIO 2)
NOTE: This is the most up-to-date version for Mac OS 9 (Minimum System needed is Mac OS 8.6)

This archive is compatible with the DIGI96, DIGI96/8, DIGI96 PAD, DIGI96 PST, DIGI96 Pro


Requires Classic Mac OS 8.6 or Newer
ASIO 2.0 / Sound Manager driver for DIGI96 series, version 1.6, 07/18/01
Copy files manually. Please read notes included.

Version History
Version 1.6: Bug fixed where too many extensions in the system prevented the driver from being loaded. Latency table added to settings dialog.
Version 1.5: ADM routing improved, in case some inputs were de-activated.
Version 1.4: Crash with SonicWorx fixed.
Version 1.3: Problem with USB Floppy Enabler fixed.
Version 1.2: Slot recognition no longer hard coded. Settings are no longer stored in NVRAM but in a preferences file. SM can no longer be used to select an input. SM playback is now only one file (Sound Component) for all cards. Several improvements in SM handling (automatic setting of sample rate, level display for record, system sounds.) 'Alt. ASIO mode' added for Logic. Input mode no longer disabled after playback. Output Status display fixed. Several problems in the Settings dialog's internal structure fixed (crash when changing to another tab, wrong settings transferred etc.) Wrong playback speed in SM after ASIO operation fixed.
Version 1.0: Initial release of a totally re-written Sound Manager and ASIO 2.0 driver (that's why the version number starts again with 1.0)

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Instructions: Most of our files have been encoded with MacBinary format (.bin) so that the data and the resource fork of the file will not be damaged when storing the file on a non-Macintosh file system. After downloading, if the file does not automatically decode by double-clicking, we recommend opening StuffIt Expander and Selecting "File" and "Open" to decode the downloaded file. StuffIt Expander is included in every Mac OS 9 installation. Additionally, once the StuffIt Expander app is open, check EDIT > PREFERENCES > INTERNET and "use stuffit expander for all available types"

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