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« on: February 11, 2018, 10:18:37 AM »
Just did the math... that will be $0.00 for ssd and $0.00 for shipping and handling so that comes to ...
let's see, where'd I put that calculator... Total will be $0.00 (plus $0.00 tax of course!)... Now PAY UP!!! ;D

Señor Happy,

[Transition from “Community Marketplace”.]

As per usual, your math skills are unquestionably impeccable. However, you do seem to subscribe
to the very same (or very similar), accounting procedures as I (and someone else’s ‘round here…
whose name need not be mentioned).

So looking forward to much faster boots on the MDD and much quicker access to “Usual Suspect”
resident apps. Perhaps a precursor to an eventual transition to “all” internal drives being SSD
(and the possible, trimmed-down reduction of HD cages), which may facilitate greater air flow,
interior cooling and thusly reduced heat concern considerations?

Occasionally... one can perhaps "see the forest", in spite of all the trees? ;)
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