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Hi guys,
I'm trying to find a copy of a graphics tablet utility software called PaperPower. Circa 1995. By Piptel software.
I remember reading it somewhere that it could be used to customize old Wacom ADB tablets.
Does anyone have any leads?


P.S. Here's an excerpt from MacWorld:

PaperPower lets you build and execute macros - short programs you
can use to automate operating-system commands or application-program functions.
First you design an overlay in which macros are organized as Keys (tablet areas that work
like HyperCard buttons). Then the overlay is assigned a unique pattern of dots (called
pips). This allow's PaperPower to catalog and recognize different overlays. Finally,
you print the overlay — this is where the paper comes in — and place it on the tablet
surface, where the overlay identifies the Keys, making them accessible w'ith a touch.


Also of possible “other” interest to ADB Wacom tablet users.
(Just found my long-lost ArtZ tablet back in “The Cave”.)

Thank you very much! I'm glad that someone have saved this little app.  :)

Take care

Glad to help. I only discovered the above download site because someone mentioned it over at macintoshgarden. Would like to know if this utility still works under OS 9.


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