Author Topic: Mac OS 9 Lives Download Content, the Mac Garden, and 2018 To do List...  (Read 712 times)

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A recent topic, that I had to unfortunately delete, got a little out of control and went into the details of a specific Software title and the "wanting" to acquire it.  It also made assertions that we downloaded a lot of content from the Mac Garden, which is entirely untrue.

The facts are that we have a mutual respect situation with the Garden and a close personal relationship with Knezzen. Some of our stuff ends up there and a small amount of the Garden's original legacy MIDI/Audio stuff has found it's way here.  Knezzen has always been very respectful not to duplicate the content here and there is no need to do so... both sites are a precious resource. Knezzen and I have created emergency steps in the case that if either site fails, the content will still be available.

With that being said, some titles (even though they are OS 9 based) are being actively policed by their authors/publishers and we cannot put any title in the "abandoneware" category if there is an effort, no matter how small, to enforce the original copyright on that material.  Stating something is obsolete is NOT a remedy for averting rights of intellectual property.  We have in some cases even gotten the "green light" from the original software creator to offer it here.

In 2018, we will still continue to go thru the hundreds of OS 9 CDs and image and post what we feel has been "left for dead" and make it available; I will also be re-implementing 5 to 10 FPT Upload accounts for Core members (or new members) that have items they want to contribute,  please PM me if you want to participate.

The new year is upon us and I always try to put a little extra effort in to make each year better that the last as far as content goes... please to not "advertise" what you want here in a new post... if there is something you have searched for and it is no longer available to purchase, and in not here, and not at the Garden, please use PMs to inquire.  We will always try to help point you in the right direction.

- Diehard