Author Topic: digidesign midi i/o (from 2002) usb midi interface  (Read 1716 times)

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digidesign midi i/o (from 2002) usb midi interface
« on: December 09, 2017, 08:02:38 AM »

i just noticed this particular midi i/o device has 10 ports!!! in + out
can anyone offer any review of this device?

i guess theres no way to chain more than one of them the way you can with an MTP or Studio 4/5.
but maybe its possible to use more than one connected via usb?
this page does make mention of multiple units!

the specs says u can use up to 4 of them:

MIDI I/O ports, supporting 160 MIDI channels
 Support for connecting up to 4 MIDI I/O peripherals for a total of 40 ports
Support for Digidesign Time-Stamping
USB-powered connection
Full OMS compatibility
Hardware Thru Mode - patches input 1 to all outputs
Stand-alone operation with Hardware Thru Mode
Output ports 9 and 10 mirrored on front and rear panel
Sturdy, full-depth metal chassis
so yes i think its possible to use more than one!

has a mac os 9 driver

cosmetically i guess this was designed to fit in a rack with the 192 + 96i