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« on: December 08, 2017, 09:25:19 AM »
- 800 unique hardcore vocals samples
- Types: phrases, words, loops, effects
- Stunning and powerful sound
- For use in Hardcore, Gabber, Noise
- Available Formats: WAV, AIFF
- Size: 598MB after unpacking
You will find here words, phrases, loops, diabolical voices, screams, letters of the alphabet and numerals uttered in different voices. Each of the vocal tracks went through a painstaking process of preparation and perfecting, so that it sounds as intense and heavy as possible. The voices fit in the mix flawlessly, match in with other high-quality samples as well and give a special, defiant feel to the music. You cannot stay indifferent to such an attractive and unique hardcore samples collection! If you want something in your music that others donít have and cannot create, I recommend you Hardcore Voices Invasion!

800 of finely made and highly effective hardcore vocals, hardcore voices
Recommended for hardcore, gabber, noise, terrorcore etc. geeks
Knife-sharp, massive, noisy and spicy feel
Great addition to Hardcore Samples Invasion