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Steinberg Remix



Remember this. Basically Ableton Live but with a different name. This is all I can find of it.

I have a link, but I don't know if can post it here.

Some other links;

you can also download a demo here:

I actually have the full version, but I don't know if I can post it.

this should be the equivelent of live 1,2 or 3
guaranteed is does not support MIDI clips (i would be very surprised if it does)
abelton live was originally seen as a LIVE performance or REMIX tool by most professionals
because it only supported Audio at first.. no MIDI clips..
it was only after the addition of MIDI Clips that it became a more usefull tool for composers
but some still prefer to use it as Audio Only, using the entire program like a sampler

those interested in this app should FFWD to abelton live 4.14 in the downloads section as it supports MIDI clips... dont waste time with a steinberg branded demo!


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