Author Topic: Can DDR400 MHZ PC3200 U184 pin DIMM Non ECC Unbuffered works on G4 1.25 MDD 2003  (Read 858 times)

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I guys,  I'm going to test and probably buy from a neighbor an Apple Power Macintosh G4 1.25 (MDD 2003) powermac3.6

Now It has no ram and no hd! >:(

Because I would like to make a test and check if everything is working (the actual owner does not  remember about previous problems because the machine was left abandoned years ago)

I've already got with me 2 hdd's (one from my beloved iMac g3 40 gb 0SX 10.2 installed and working  and the other one that comes from my g4 350 agp OS 9.2.2  ;D)
Can I use those  HDDs to make the test  ? (just plugging one of them on the machine)

Then to make this test possible I found a bank  of DDR400 MHZ ram PC3200 U184 pin DIMM Non ECC Unbuffered (i think was mounted on early g5 series).
Can this ram work on that G4 1.25 MDD 2003 ,is that compatible 100%
Best regards....

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The MDD spec is PC2700. The 3200 will work but at 2700 speedů no big deal.

Whether your 9.2.2 will boot the MDD I can't say because I don't know where you got it from.
You also didn't say if the MDD is a single or a dual CPU.
The dual requires CPU software 5.9, a "Multiprocessing Folder" with a specific "Apple CPU Plugins" extension inside, and OS ROM 10.2

OSX 10.2 also iffy. Nothing to lose by trying both however. If neither works, you can download complete ISO's of both here.

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Many's the single processor!! Best way to run OS9 natively
I looked for this model many times for many years on internet ( I mean at bargain price of course) way and not knowing that one machine was waiting for  me few meter from my apt ...taking dust on fingers crossed!..let you know

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just a small hint regarding Dimms without an Apple label on them.
Even if specs match perfectly and it's a quality brand, you may experience strange errors.
Iirc the chips pass memory tests and there are no real crashes - instead 'regular' app error messages pop up right out of the blue (in a wide variety), telling about drivers not installed or missing files or whatever. The most wiered stuff I ever experienced.
It's mentioned just in case someone expands memory on a MDD and gets confronted with such dialogs on a formerly well running system. The errors vary, but are reproduceable. Same action -same error. Chips removed - error gone. Chips reinserted - error back.