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Apple WWDC 2000 Sessions Youtube Videos


Just found a new(?) youtube channel with lots of sessions. I hope Apple allow this kind of docs to be online, because the channel is unofficial.

Among others, in the year 2000 videos there is a lot of Mac OS 9 stuff

Session 191 to 196 seem for developing in CodeWarrior/IDE for 9&X

It is easy to navigate on this playlist and choose

But better to "sort out" what is related to OS 9 and what not.

There is a Keynote from 1994, and a bunch from year 2000, 2001, 2003 and 2004.


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Made sticky the suggestion box post, the most consolidated/oldest one (that has the 1st post updated) and a youtube channel post with WWDC sessions, that includes some 2000 and 2001 interesting ones.

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I found interesting some Chris Spinoza videos about AppleScript from 2000 and 2001. He talks mostly about Mac OS X, but also about the performance on OS9.

But the Carbon sessions from the iPhone/AppleMaps guy are interesting too to define what is a classic App, how it runs on OSX, what it is a Carbon app running on OS9&X and what is Cocoa.


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