Author Topic: 2 x MDD G4s for sale, 1 OK, 1 for repair with Pro Tools Digi001  (Read 228 times)

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2 x MDD G4s for sale, 1 OK, 1 for repair with Pro Tools Digi001
« on: October 06, 2017, 02:36:08 PM »
For collection only from Margate, Kent, UK (unless we can reach an agreement!)

Complete home recording studio, 1.25ghz dual CPUs in one of these, I think the other one (the non working one) is 867MHZ.  If memory serves (it's been a while), it just won't boot.   I've had the Apple diagnostics disk on it, I can't find the fault.  My guess is RAM or power.  Here's a screenshot:

The main machine comes with the max RAM that OS 9 will see & a fully functional Pro Tools Digi001 PCI card, with interconnecting cable & breakout i/o box.  I used an image from this site to get things going and everything works great.

I can supply much more detail & images if anyone has any interest in this kit.  I would love to keep it all but I am moving to a smaller place and I am just not using it, so it's gotta go!  Can be shown working fully in my home studio.

I will also include in this sale all the associated OS 9 goodies I have accumulated, including various disks & original Mac OS software such as Reason version 1 & 2.5 upgrade, various Logic books, original boxed versions of Logic, Mac OS X for dummies etc.  I'll even throw in a keyboard & mouse & a MIDI keyboard!

The community here has been good to me and very helpful, I'd love to sell all this to someone in here.  I'm looking for 300 for the whole kit and caboodle.  I will fully list everything ASAP with pictures...

Thanks all! Regards, Steve.
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