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Sheepshaver, OSX & Midi Routing


Is Sheepshaver advanced enough so that it can route OMS midi data (say from Studio Vision) to OSX's IAC bus? It'd be killer to run Studio Vision as the midi sequencer and have Logic being a straight up sampler/mixer on a newer Mac.

As far as I know, Sheepsaver doesn't allow any MIDI data flow. It would have been a dream within a dream running Opcode Galaxy under emulated MacOS9.2, while Digital Performere 9.5 is running under Mavericks.

DAWs will not work on Sheep Shaver. I tried Studio Vision Pro and Logic on Sheep Shaver, but it didn't work when I pressed the play button. I ended up using a 24 year old G4. Sheep Shaver is a pipe dream. The audio interface driver standards do not match between OS X and the emulated OS 9.


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