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classic mac survival kit from
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this looks interesting!

Every vintage Apple Mac enthusiast knows the importance of having a stockpile of key software to call upon when refurbishing or maintaining their collection. Well, here's an off-the-shelf solution that'll answer the prayers of many of us.

I briefly wrote about the Classic Mac Survival Kit in an earlier entry but I'll recap; it is a treasure trove of essential utilities that every Classic Mac OS user absolutely needs to have.

not sure i agree with alot of the items included on this collection but the idea of making an "ultimate mac survival kit" is interesting.

more info:

here is the list: (pretty excessive if you ask me!)
CD Utilities:
   Compact Pro.sit
   Disk Copy 6.1.3.sit
   DiskCopy 6.0.sit
   Font/DA Mover Folder.sit
   HackUser - January 1998.sit
   Serial Numbers v2.0.sit
   ShrinkWrap¬ 2.0.1.sit
   AppMaker 1.1.sit
   Assembly Lang..image.sit
   BBEdit 2.2.1.sit
   C by Example.img.sit
   chipmunk-basic-3.5.2 ─.sit
   Director 3.1.1.sit
   FutureBASIC¬ Folder.sit
   Learn BASIC Now.img.sit
   MacPascal 2.0.image.sit
   MacPascal System.image.sit
   MacsBug Book Disk.img.sit
   MAS programs.sit
   Microsoft BASIC 2.10.image.sit
   ParcPlace Smalltalk.sit
   Pocket 6.3.sit
   Programming with MacApp.img.sit
   Quick Basic.sit
   Reference Link.sit
   ResEdit 1.3d1.sit
   ResEdit 2.1.img.sit
   ResEdit Helper.sit
   ResEdit_1.2d0 Folder.sit
   ReseditDocs Folder.sit
   System Errors 7.0.1.sit
   ThC 5.0.4/TCL 1.1.2 Upda ╔.sit
   THIN C¬.img.sit
   Think C 5.0.sit
   Think C prog. Guide  .sit
   Think Reference 1.0.sit
   ThinkC5.0.2 Update Folder.sit
   Turbo Pascal¬.image.sit
   TurboPascal Libraries.sit
   World Builder.sit
   3Wiz! folder.sit
   99 Bottles.sit
   AdventureMaker Folder.sit
   AdventuresPlus Folder.sit
   Apache Strike.image.sit
   Arkanoid.image (Plus Only).sit
   Armor Alley.sit
   At Your Service.sit
   Bash Big Blue.sit
   Beyond CyberPunk.sit
   BMX-THE Racing Game.sit
   Bug_Hunt Folder.sit
   Bynd Dk Cstl 1.image.sit
   Bynd Dk Cstl 2.img.sit
   Captain Magneto ─.sit
   Carbon Copy.sit
   Castle of Ert.sit
   cdev shrinker.sit
   Chips & DIPS 1.1 ─.sit
   Colony 1.img.sit
   Colony 2.img.sit
   Color to the Classic.sit
   Continuum 1.03 ─.sit
   Corporate Hate.sit
   Crab Attack II ─.sit
   Crosswords ─.sit
   Crystal Quest 2.2.sit
   Crystal Quest.img.sit
   Daleks 2.0.sit
   Dark Castle.sit
   DEEP ANGST¬ ę1987Ronald W╔.sit
   Deep Ennui.sit
   Dollshouse 2.0 ─.sit
   Duck Hunt.sit
   Dungeon of Doom V5.4.sit
   Earthplot 3.0.sit
   Edg's World.sit
   f and s.image.sit.sit
   Flying Steeds 1.6.sit
   GangWars Folder.sit
   Glypha2.0 ─.sit
   GNU Chess.sit
   GodGame ─.sit
   Hitchhiker's Guide.sit
   Iggy Iggopolis 2.0.sit
   init cdev .sit
   Kid Pix.sit
   Leather Goddesses of Phobos.sit
   Lode Runner.image.sit
   Lode Runner.sit
   Lunar Lander.sit
   Lunar Phantom 1.0 ─.sit
   Lunar Rescue.sit
   Mac Football.sit
   Macninja 3.0.sit
   Madness - RAGE!  UR 1.5.sit
   Maze Maker 1.2 ─.sit
   Megaroids ][.1.sit
   Microsoft Arcade.sit
   Midway 1.1 ─.sit
   Mission Starlight.sit
   Miyoko Game 2.0.sit
   Mombasa 1.1.sit
   MoonPhaser ─.sit
   Motor Bike.sit
   MS Flight Simulator 1.01.╔.sit
   Mutant Beach Folder.sit
   New Talking Moose!.sit
   No IBM INIT.sit
   Oasis_2.01 Folder.sit
   Oregon Trail.img.sit
   Out of this World.sit
   Pax Imperia.sit
   Pinball Construction Set.sit
   Pipedream 1.0 ─.sit
   PoPE 2.0.1 ─.sit
   Prince Of Persia.img.sit
   Psychotic Folder.sit
   Quest_T-Rex Folder.sit
   QuickStart 2.sit
   Rad Programs.sit
   Radical_Castle Folder.sit
   Reach For The Stars.sit
   Reagan's Watching 1.2.sit
   Roboids II 1.1 ─.sit
   Saddam's Revenge 1.3b ─.sit
   Sargon III.sit
   Sargon IV ─.sit
   Save The Farm 2.2 (b/w).sit
   Save The Farm 3.3 (color).sit
   Scarab_of_RA Folder.sit
   Shufflepuck .sit
   SimAnt B&W Disk.img.sit
   Sky Travel.sit
   Slime Invaders 1.0.3 ─.sit
   Social Climber.sit
   Son of Stupid Mac Tricks.╔.sit
   Space Adventure.sit
   Space Junkie 1.1 Folder.sit
   Spectre 1.0.sit
   Stars 1.8.sit
   Stupid Mac Tricks.img.sit
   Tank Wars 2.0(B/W) Folder.sit
   The Duel II.sit
   The Grouch 2.5 beta.sit
   The Kid Game.sit
   The Venice Project¬.1.sit
   Toxic Ravine 1.1.sit
   Utaan_Attack Folder.sit
   Vax Runner II.sit
   Vegas Video Poker   .sit
   Wave_15 Folder.sit
   Who's Who.sit.sit
   ZikTuria Folder.sit
   Zork 3.sit
   3-Button Power¬ 2.5.img.sit
   Apple One Scanner.sit
   Brainstorm¬ 2.0.img.sit
   CD-ROM Setup 4.img.sit
   CMS Util (to 80MB) v3.2U.╔.sit
   DeskWriter C.sit
   Dove 030 2.4.img.sit
   DriveCD - NEC v5.0B.img.sit
   EtherPrint Administrator.╔.sit
   ExpModemAT Folder.sit
   Grappler LS.sit
   HP LaserJet.sit
   Iomega Driver.sit
   LaserWriter II Installati╔.sit
   LaserWriter II NT/NTX Fon╔.sit
   MacBottom 800K.img.sit
   MacBottom MFS.image.sit
   Macintosh CD-ROM 5.0 Setu╔.sit
   MonitorXCEED Folder.sit
   NEC CD-ROM 2.21.sit
   NetModem v2400.sit
   PAS 16 2.0.image.sit
   PAS 16 Drivers.img.sit
   PowerCD Setup.img.sit
   Radius FPD.img.sit
   ScanMan 1.01.sit
   ScanMan 2.2.sit
   SPEEDYCD 1.2.sit
   Tape Backup 40SC.img.sit
   0  Stack Starter ž.976.sit
   101 S&B.img.sit
   Compile It 2.0.sit
   Dialoger For HyperCard.sit
   GlobalTalk 1.img.sit
   GlobalTalk 2.img.sit
   Heizer Working Models.img.sit
   HYBBS2 & Serial XCMED.img.sit
   Hyper Ann..sit
   HyperCard 1.0.1.sit
   HyperCard 1.2.2.img.sit
   HyperCard 1.25.img.sit
   HyperCard 2.0.sit
   HyperCard 2.1 Player.sit
   HyperCard Upgrade Kit.img.sit
   Icon Factory¬ 1 of 2.img.sit
   Icon Factory¬ 2 of 2.img.sit
   512 Guided tour.sit
   Classic Macs Digest.sit
   Connectix Mac Memory Guide.sit
   Disk Fixer 1.9.sit
   FamilyTechTour Folder.sit
   Fix It All.sit
   Get Your Compact Mac On W╔.sit
   Intro to Viruses 2.3.sit
   Mac Classic II Tech Tour ╔.sit
   Mac Electronic Ref.sit
   Mac Facts.sit
   Mac SE Tour.sit
   Macintosh Basics 4.3.1.sit
   Macintosh Cool Tricks..sit
   Macintosh Plus Tour.img.sit
   Macintosh Tips & Tricks 9╔..1
   Macintosh Tips & Tricks 9╔..2
   Macintosh Tips & Tricks 9╔.sit
   Macintosh Tips & Tricks, ╔..1
   Macintosh Tips & Tricks, ╔.sit
   MacintoshĘ Basics.img.sit
   Make Your Mac A Web Serve╔.sit
   Quadra 700 Tech Tour Folder.sit
   Quadra 900 Tech Tour Folder.sit
   QuadraVideo Folder.sit
   SIMM Stack 4.2.2.sit
   Tips Stack.sit
   Virus Encyclopedia.sit
   Backlight Folder.sit
   BatteryAmnesia 1.3.0.sit
   BatteryAmnesia 1.3.1a fol╔.sit
   Caps Lock Notify.sit
   CapsKiller 1.0.sit
   CapsLock Blitz.sit
   Control Strip Clock 1.0.sit
   CursorFixer Folder.sit
   ExtendIt! Folder.sit
   Forward Delete 1.1.sit
   Jeremy's Control Strip Mo╔.sit
   Keyboard Cues v1.0.1.sit
   Menuette 1.1.2 .sit
   MyBattery 2.2.4.sit
   PB170 Modem Cmd DA Folder.sit
   PBTools 1.2 Folder.sit
   Pixel Checker─.sit
   PowerBook 100 Tech Tour F╔.sit
   PowerBook 140/170 Tech T ╔.sit
   Powerbook Don't Rest Folder.sit
   Powerbook Modem Guide Fol╔.sit
   PowerBook Numeric Keypad ╔.sit
   Powerbook OK to Rest Folder.sit
   PowerBook Solutions Guid ╔.sit
   PowerBook Tester.sit
   PowerOrgasm Folder.sit
   PowerSleepFKEY Folder.sit
   PowerStrip v3.3.1b ─.sit
   PowerStrip3.2 .sit
   Quiet Start 1.3.sit
   Scout's Honour 1.1 ─.sit
   Silent Beep.sit
   Threshold 1.0.4.sit
   Zync1.0a4 .sit
   AudMac Companion.sit
   Echo Chamber V1.0.sit
   EZ-Vision 1.0.sit
   MacRecorder¬ Demo.img.sit
   Play All Sounds!.sit
   Sound Mover.sit
   SoundEdit Pro¬.sit
   SoundExtractor 1.21.sit
   SoundMaster 1.7.3 folder.sit
   SoundWave .image.sit
   Trax¬ v.2.2.img.sit
   Weird Sounds1.sit
    512ke System Tools.img.sit
   512k system.img.sit
   512ke system tools.sit
   IIe Installer Disk v2.0 F╔.sit
   IIe Startup Disk v2.0 Fol╔.sit
   Mac System Software.sit
   Macintosh Printing Tools ╔.sit
   MacPortable System.sit
   Network Software Installe╔.sit
   Print Drivers.sit
   System .97.sit
   System 0.1.sit
   System 0.3.sit
   System 1.1.1.sit
   System 1.1.2.sit
   System 1.1.sit
   System 3.2.sit
   System 5.0.sit
   System 5.1.sit
   System 6.0.3.sit
   System 6.0.5.sit
   System 6.0.7.sit
   System 6.0.8.sit
   System 6.0.sit
   System 7 Pro.sit
   System 7 Tune-Up1.1.1 Fol╔.sit
   System 7.1.sit
   System 7.sit
   System Update 2.0.1.image.sit
   True Type¬.sit
   Apple Modem Tool.sit
   Basic Connectivity Set.img.sit
   Claris Emailer 1.0.img.sit
   Com ToolBox for System 6.╔.sit
   Config PPP 2.0.1.sit
   DemonDialer folder.sit
   Eudora 1.2.2.sit
   Eudora 1.3.1.sit
   Eudora 1.4.sit
   Eudora 2.1.3.sit
   Eudora Light.sit
   Fetch 2.1.1.sit
   Fetch 2.1.sit
   Finger 1.5.0.sit
   FreeTerm 3.0.sit
   Get Your Compact Mac On W╔.sit
   Mac Internet Tour Guide.img.sit
   MacPPP 2.01.sit
   MacTCP 2.0.2.sit
   MacTCP 2.0.6 updaters.sit
   MacTCP 2.0.6.sit
   MacTerm 2.0.sit
   MacWeb 1.1.1E 68K.sit
   MacWeb 2.0.sit
   MacWeb1.1.1E folder.sit
   MacWWW V1.03.sit
   Make Your Mac A Web Server.sit
   Microphone II.sit
   Modem Commands.sit
   MOSIAC 1.03─.sit
   NCSA Telnet 2.6.sit
   Netscape 1.0N ─.sit
   Netscape 1.1N Installer.sit
   Netscape 2.0.sit
   newswatcher-20 folder.sit
   Quicklink 2.img.sit
   RR 10.3 Master.image.sit
   Second Sight BBS.sit
   Serial of Champions ─.sit
   Telefinder BBS.sit
   White Knight 11.08.img.sit
   512K Copy.sit
   800K Drive Copy.sit
   Anonymity Folder.sit
   Anti-Virus Tools (old).sit
   AppDisk 1.5.sit
   Apple File Exchange 7.1.sit
   Apple File Exchange Folder.sit
   Apple Personal Diagnostics.sit
   Appletalk Manager.sit
   APS PowerTools¬ 4 Install╔.sit
   ArcMac1.3e Folder.sit
   AT EASE 2.0.3.sit
   AutoBoot 1.3 ─.sit
   AutoSqueeze ─.sit
   Bat Filer.sit
   Before Dark.sit
   BINHEX v.4.0.sit
   Bootman ─.sit
   Can Opener 3.0.sit
   CanOpener¬ DA.sit
   CatFinder v1.22 Folder.sit
   CD Teaser 1.05  folder.sit
   CD-ROM ToolKit.sit
   Compact Pro 1.33 ─.sit
   Compactor V1.21.sit
   Connectix MODE32.sit
   CONText II 1.04.sit
   Copy IIĘ Disk.img.sit
   Create TextDA.sit
   CRU Installer Manual.img.sit
   CRU Installer.img.sit
   DART¬ 1.5.3.sit
   DD Expand 3.1.sit
   DD Expand 3.7.7.sit
   DD Expand 3.7.sit
   DD Xlator Folder.sit
   DeSEA 1.1 Folder.sit
   Disk Charmer.sit
   Disk Librarian v1.82a.sit
   Disk Manager Mac¬.img.sit
   DiskApp Folder.sit
   DisKeeper v1.2.2.sit
   DiskFit¬ Folder.sit
   DiskLock 1.0.1.sit
   DiskMaster Plus¬.img.sit
   DiskTop 3.0.image.sit
   DOCMaker 3.92 ─.sit
   DOS Mounter.sit
   DownLine Folder.sit
   Dr_Mac_Utils Folder.sit
   Drive Tech Demo.sit
   Eclipse 2.2.0 .sit
   EnableSy Folder.sit
   Enigma_1.1 Folder.sit
   Entry-Level SoftPC.sit
   Extensions Manager 2.0.1.sit
   Fast Formatter.sit
   Fast Formatter¬ 3.0.sit
   Fastback Plus 2.6.sit
   Fat Disk Maker.sit
   FEdit 3.7.sit
   File Buddy 2.06.sit
   File Fixer 0.5.sit
   Fix_Desktop Folder.sit
   Floppy Fixer 1.0.sit
   FolderIconMaker1.1 folder.sit
   Formatter 1.1 ─.sit
   Formatter Deluxe.sit
   Get More Info.sit
   HandOff¬ 1.2.3.img.sit
   Hard Disk ToolKit 1.3 PE.╔.sit
   HDT 1.7.5.sit
   HeapHelp .sit
   Heaptool 1.4.sit
   Init Manager!.sit
   InSit? Delete 2.0.sit
   IW.Control .sit
   Juggler Utilities.sit
   lharc Folder.sit
   MacCheck¬ ─.sit
   MacClone 2.0.sit
   MacClone 2.0.sit.sit
   MacEKG 2.0.sit
   MacEKG 3.0.sit
   MacLHa 2.00 Folder.sit
   MacLink Plus.sit
   MacMinix Folder.sit
   MacPGP 2.2.sit
   MacServe¬ 2.3.image.sit
   MacTools Deluxe.sit
   MacTools V2.sit
   MacToolsĘ 7.0.sit
   MacunZip Folder.sit
   Magic¬Menu Installer.sea.sit
   Master Juggler 1.58.sit
   MasterJuggler 1.1.5.img.sit
   Maxima 1.08.sit
   McSink 4.8.sit
   MODE32 (7.5) Installer.sit
   New Double Apple.sit
   Norton Emergency Disk.img.sit
   Norton Version 2.0. images.sit
   Now Utilities.sit
   OptiMem Installation.img.sit
   PackItIII 1.3 Folder.sit
   Pad-Lock¬ Installer.sit
   Pseud040 v1.3 ─.sit
   Pyro 4.0.1.sit
   QuickFormat! 6.3.sit
   QuickFormat! 7.1.sit
   RamDisk+ 2.08.sit
   RamDisk+3.01 ─.sit
   RamStart 1.3.sit
   Retrospect Remote 2.0.sit
   SCSI ACCEL 7.0.CPT Folder.sit
   SCSI Accelerator.sit
   SCSI Director 2.1.7S.sit
   SCSI Evaluator 1.04.sit
   SCSI Saver.sit
   SCSI Start 1.2.sit
   SCSI Tools ─.sit
   SCSIProbe 3.2 .sit
   SCSIProbe 3.4.sit
   SCSIProbe 4.3.sit
   Silverlining 5.5.3.sit
   Silverlining¬ 6.0.1.sit
   Snooper 1.4.sit
   Snooper 2.0.sit
   Soft PC.sit
   SoftPC 3.0.sit
   Software Utility Update.img.sit
   SoftwareFPU 2.21 ─.sit
   StorageWare¬ Disk #1.img.sit
   Stuffit 1.5.1 Stuff.sit
   StuffIt 1.5.sit
   Stuffit 1.51.sit
   StuffIt 4.0.sit
   StuffIt Classic Folder.sit
   StuffIt Classic¬1.6 Install.sit
   StuffIt Deluxe¬ Disk 1.img.sit
   StuffIt Deluxe¬ Disk 2.img.sit
   StuffIt Expander¬ 1.0.1.sit
   StuffIt Expander¬ 3.0.7.sit
   StuffIt Expander¬ 3.5.1 I╔.sit
   Stuffit Lite.sit
   StuffIt SpaceSaver¬.img.sit
   Stuffit v1.10.sit
   Suitcase II Updater 1.2.11.sit
   SuperClock 3.1.sit
   SuperClock! 3.9 folder.sit
   SuperClock! 4.0.4 ─.sit
   SuperLaserSpool¬ ─.sit
   SuperRuler Folder.sit
   SuperSpooler 5.0.sit
   SuperSpool¬ 3.1.sit
   Switcher 1.1 .sit
   Symantec Utilites.img.sit
   Symantec Utilities #2.img.sit
   System Picker 1.0.1.sit
   Test Char Generator.image.sit
   Test Pattern╔.sit
   Tex-Edit ─.sit
   Timbuktu¬ 2.0.1f2.img.sit
   Troubleshoot Mac Networks╔.sit
   UnStuffIt 1.5.sit
   UnStuffIt Deluxe¬ Installer.sit
   Unzip 1.1.0.sit
   UnZip 2.0 ─.sit
   VirusDetectiveĘ 5.0.6 ─.sit
   WindowShade ─ .sit
   Zipple 1.1─.sit
   ąMenu Clocką.sit
    Pixel Paint 1.0.sit
   Adobe Dimensions 2.0.sit
   Adobe Illusrator 88.sit
   Adobe Illustrator 88¬ 1.9╔.sit
   Adobe Premiere¬ 1.0.sit
   Adobe Type ManagerĘ 2.0.img.sit
   Aldus FreeHand 2.0.sit
   Canvas¬ 2.1.sit
   Comic Strip Factory folder.sit
   Comic Works.img.sit
   Cricket Draw.sit
   Digital Darkroom 2.0.sit
   Font Editor.sit
   FrameMaker 3.0.sit
   FreeHand 1.0.sit
   GIFConverter 2.2.10 Folder.sit
   Giffer1.06 Folder.sit
   GraphicConverter 2.0.7 (US).sit
   Graphics Magician.sit
   Illustrator 3.sit
   Laserlab Folder.sit
   LPDownloader 1.15.sit
   LW+Dk1 TT Fonts Folder.sit
   LW+Dk2 TT Fonts Folder.sit
   LW+Dk3 TT Fonts Folder.sit
   MacAMug Pro Demo.sit
   MacCalligraphy¬ Demo.sit
   MacDraft 1.2b.sit
   MacDraw 1.9.img.sit
   MacDraw 1.96.sit
   MacDraw II.sit
   MacPaint 1.3.sit
   MacPaint 2.0.sit
   MacroPaint¬ 2.00.img.sit
   Mariah¬ Folder.sit
   Metamorphosis 1.2.sit
   Minicad folder.sit
   ModelShop 1.0.sit
   Page Maker 2.0.img.sit
   PageMaker 1.113.img.sit
   PageMaker 3.0 files.sit
   Pagemaker 4.0.sit
   Personal Press.sit
   Photoshop 1.0.sit
   Photoshop 1.1 updater Fol╔.sit
   Photoshop 2.5 Upgrade.sit
   PicturePress 2.0.1.img.sit
   PixelPaintĘ 2.1.sit
   PosterMaker Plus.sit
   Smart Art I.img.sit
   Studio 1.sit
   Super 3D .sit
   SUPERPAINT 1.1.sit
   SuperPaint 2.0.sit
   SuperPaint 3.0.sit
   Swivel 3D.sit
   Type Align.img.sit
   TypeStyler 1.0.sit
   ~ATM 68000.sit

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