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Bias Peak Pro

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Just finished uploading Bias Peak Pro 5.2 and 6
5.2 is UB cracked but 6 is Intel crack. If somebody can make the crack work on PPC that would be nice.

Hi devils_advisor,
could you post a link to these uploads please? 
I'd definitely like to try these two versions (earlier versions are great tools for sure!)
Thanks in advance

I agree. Uploaded to where? Also, was version 6 Intel only? That would explain itů

Its on our hotline server in the upload folder.  Version 6 is ub but not the crack. Trial version will be installed on powermacs and the crack will work on snow leopard onward.

Thanks for your reply but I still don't get it.
Where can I find that hotline server?
Could you clarify please?
Thank you


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