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Studio 5LX PSU
« on: September 07, 2017, 05:55:50 AM »
One of my two 5LX's is of the older type (much older than I thought!) and has all the power supply components as part of the main circuit board whereas the other has the PSU on a separate PCB mounted on stand-offs.

The older units transformer is buzzing audibly (albeit when you're close to the device) and I'm concerned that this might indicate inevitable failure at some point. What I'd like to do is remove the existing components and replace the entire PSU with an off the shelf switched mode PSU that supplies the right voltages at the required current level.

Interestingly, the later LX5 I bought from a USA based eBayer and when it eventually arrived in the U.K. the PSU assembly had broken loose and was floating around inside the case - I was really fortunate that the LX5 hadn't suffered catastrophic damage - it was completely unharmed!

I'm quite confident at hacking/modifying things so I'm not likely to be stressed by the tasked at hand. However, I'm not an electrical engineer and don't have the knowledge to work out the PSU requirements myself. If somebody has the info' and can pass it on, I'll happily go and source a PSU that meets or exceeds the required spec. and proceed with the 'mod'. I'm in the UK so 240v primary is a start!

If it's of any use I can simultaneously document/photograph the steps taken and post here as a project for others to follow (assuming I don't fry myself and/or the LX5!).

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