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Monthly Reports
« on: September 01, 2017, 08:50:54 AM »
01/01/2017:  Ok, so this may seem a little late, but better late than never :)

I will be keeping this topic open indefinitely for Monthly progress updates on forum issues and a round table discussions for both core members and newbies related to new content, current news, and other forum issues.  If we go off on a tangent in great detail, I will prune off the topic and make it a separate thread.

1)  We still have some audio goodies and Applications that we are working on (this many years later) and have made recent progress with a few rare plug-ins; so stay tuned :)

2)  There has been amazing efforts by the "Dream Team" and new assets have expanded the team into a very talented group of programmers that have unraveled many mysteries in the codified realm of the Classic Mac OS.  These advancements have included the ability for Mac OS 9.2.2 to "see" more Memory and many other Firmware to trampoline code revelations that may or may not lead to the ability to insert custom code... what does that mean ?   Well, basically, the Dream Team may actually be able  to expand OS 9's hard-coded limitations to other hardware, expanded memory access, cool mods, and a host of other things that are out of the understanding of most of us, yet may have very practical applications for ALL of us.

3)  We have added more details about "non supported G4" units and what works (and doesn't work) under OS 9

4)  We are growing in members at a faster rate each month :)