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Mac OS 9 booting on: PowerBook G4 17" Aluminum 5,1 (Detailed Posts)

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I decided to pull the trigger on a first generation PowerBook G4 A1010 867Mhz. I really like the 12" form factor  8)

What will be the best/easiest way of installing MacOS 9 on it? Any chance that it can dual-boot with Sorbet, or even better triple-boot: MacOS9, Sorbet, Linux ? (yeah, Linux guy, sorry!).
I do not have a Titanium that I can connect over Firewire... I do have a G3 Clamshell 366Mhz (no firewire) with MacOS 9.2.2 and a PowerMac G5 with Firewire (but running MacOSX Sorbet, Linux & MorphOS)



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