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Mac OS 9 supported USB MIDI Controller list?

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YO! Is there a list of USB MIDI controllers that have drivers for Mac OS 9? Is the Evolution UC-33e the only one with drivers? What about the Akai/ Ableton APC20? Would it be possible to update USB Overdrive to accept other "standard" USB MIDI contollers. For instance, when I plug in my Arturia Beatstep or my Samson Graphite MF8, a window pops up asking me if I want to check the Internet for a driver. I guess I'm not sure why I need a driver when these are class-compliant USB devices?

a generic usb midi or audio solution, such as available for windows, does not exist for OS9.

with akai you might have luck, some of the older, "first generation" controllers do still support OS9, i have an mpd-16 for example which comes with a device driver and programmer app. there should also be some products from edirol, novation, which were also available at OS9 times.

to be honest i dont see any advantage of usb-midi, i am happy with doepfer & co here, it is easier to manage MIDI DIN ports in OMS when you need some flexibility - and it does not cause the usual running-out-of-ports problem which you always have with usb and firewire.


--- Quote from: rezx0x on July 11, 2017, 11:28:13 AM ---YO! Is there a list of USB MIDI controllers that have drivers for Mac OS 9?

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More here:,280.msg23227.html#msg23227


as for the beatstep, dont forget that anything with 16 dials and/or 16 pads  cannot be a "normal" usb controller.

it is an usb midi device and therefore you would need an OMS driver for it to work.

usb overdrive will run the latest mouse or joystick, but never a midi controller.


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