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Sorting ALL posts since 2013... How all PT post are sorted.


DieHard a.k.a. "the boss" asked me to sort the Protools "General" stuff as I requested to divide all the info in "General", "Protools Free/Le" and "Protools TDM/Mix/HD"

In General , I decided to allow most of the information that is good for every PT user in every incarnation.

In Protools Free/LE I have united all the info about  PT 3.4 and PT 5 Free and LE, softcell and the info about reFuse and DirectConnect, that could be missed by some TDM users.

In PT TDM/Mix/HD I did all Samplecell, and stuff that needs Digihardware from PT1 to PT5

ive created a personal digidesign 1-5 archive, maybe we can join forces.


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