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Hi, I'm Ian in Kaaawa, Hawaii.
My story is probably typical of many here - born 1956, played drums professionally from 1974 to 1983, in 1983 got a Commodore 64 and a card from Sequential Circuits that allowed you plug a Sequential Circuits 6-track and Sequential drum machine into it via MIDI, within a few months I was playing gigs with a homemade switch that allowed two floppy drives so you could load while playing a song.  After that was an expensive Yamaha MIDI recorder and then an Atari with an Otari 8-track reel to reel (best sound I ever had).  That Atari was when I started Cubase (Cubase 3.0 I think... it was 1989.  Steinberd was insane back then, there was only a guy named Bill Black who was downright abusive.  Apple wouldn't answer the phone.  I sequenced hundreds of songs, popular songs, lots of albums for people that went nowhere, plus all the dinner music stuff and lots of jazz.  There were tons of gigs up until about 2010 and then it all crashed and I left music and have concentrated on graphic art since. 
Although I have later versions of Cubase on OS X I hate OS X so lately, since I still have songs come to me about 1 a month I have lots of songs I've never played but have been singing in my head for several years so I dug out a Quicksilver G4 and put Cubase VST/24 4.1r2 on it since that's my favorite sequencing program and started sequencing a few.  I'm just sequencing MIDI and no audio.  I'm using a Roland SC-8850 for sounds.
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